Lincoln Project

Since I know these folks from Twitter, I am not sure how far and wide spread their stuff is on other social media platforms like Facebook. But for those who don’t know, they are a political action group of republicans who are working against Donald Trump.

But they’ve been under fire lately by liberal democrats because “they are just going back to their old ways when they are done”.

This fucking annoys me to all hell.

First off, these comments are usually with pictures or memes to make the point, but its very clear you don’t see the whole picture. Its easy to make a clueless judgement when you have memes like this:

Yeah well when you say it like that, sure it’s easy to make a swift uninformed decision. But hear me out.

Amazingly as it is hard for us liberals to understand, NOT ALL REPUBLICANS ARE BAD, like NOT ALL LIBERALS ARE NUTJOBS.

Some care about our country, and many are not involved in the Trump Administration’s dumpster fire. And, in fact, many have been rejected by the Trump Administration (women in particular).

Sure they may have an axe to grind, so that may be the drive to a degree. but one thing is very clear that they know (like we know, as liberals)

Country before party. If Donald Trump is elected, the country we know will not survive. 

These folks know, even if they switch back to “evil mode”, if we don’t save the country first, they won’t have a country to ‘switch to back evil mode” in.

Get it?

Then, the other factor here is that the folks at the Lincoln Project can get to other republicans to join their efforts, more so than we ever could. Its easier to hear it from someone in your own party than it is from the opposite party.

This is very important to reach people.

We don’t know if they had any real effect, or will until after the election.

If they decide to “switch back to evil” after the election, after Joe Biden wins. Go for it. As shitty as times were before, I’ll take some Bush II era nonsense over this hot garbage of a timeline. At least back then, you knew the Gov’t would help you in a time of crisis, and you knew your leaders were not Russian assets.

My point to all of this is:

We need all the help we can get to flush these fuckers out of office. Let’s not look a gift horse in the mouth right now. We can assess what they do after the election, but let’s get to an election first. 

PS – For my NH readers, the Lincoln Project was co-founded by Jennifer Horn, the former leader of the NH Republican Party. That says a lot. (she also looks vaguely familiar)