My hard drive videos

My hard drive really has some old gems on it.

I’ve been lacking on the posts here because I’ve been busy going thru stuff on my hard drive. LIke the last post with some pics, now I’ve moved on to videos.

Of course, many are huge folders of videos that were suppose to be projects that never got finished or something. Many are easy projects so I’ve been distracted by trying to finish a few of them up.

I’ve had a few interesting ones, like this one:

2013-04-19 - A slice of WBZ-TV (CBS) News on 4/19/2013 between 4-430pm

or this one

America's Most Wanted (S18 EP3) - Mark Jackson Missing Persons Case 09/25/2004

 (worked at the website featured in this video.. ad yes, we were contacted.. hence why we knew about the episode)

I also finally encoded and uploaded two long public meetings from 2013 when they were planning the Silver Line that I recorded off the local community access tv station. It’s kind of cool to see what was proposed and what was built. (remember I live near this and took photos of the construction)

Meeting on 5/1/2013

05-01-2013 - MBTA Silver Line Public Meeting @ Chelsea City Hall

Meeting on 6/19/2013

06-19-2013 - MBTA Silver Line Public Meeting @ Chelsea City Hall

So yeah I’ve been busy. I have more projects.. plus getting back to what I’ve originally was doing, cleaning and backing up my hard drive.

Well at least I know I have ready projects all winter long (cuz encoding can take a while).

But more to come, I have some special I am encoding now, and a few more quick ones (meaning just add a tile card) I’ll do soon.

Who knew I had this stuff lurking around in folders on my hard drive!