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This tweet:

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Yesterday (Sunday) was on Twitter, and I made a few of these “How it started.. How it’s going”. And then I thought.. why not the Big Dig for laughs. So I did, and tagged a few people in it. (one being Universal Hub who.. if he retweets you. woooosh.)

And as expected, it took off. I was only expecting to get maybe 500 likes. The pics are bad (see below) and you’d only really get it if you were a local. But as I write this at 6pm on 10/12 (Monday), it has over 4.8k likes and growing. (still a rapid like every few seconds)

I really wanted to do one of the old double decker over the Charles with traffic, and the new Zakim bridge with traffic also because traffic is actually worse (statistically) than it was before.

I mean the Big Dig did serve a purpose, the old elevated expressway was built in the 1950s and could only carry 55k cars/day, but by 1999 was handling over 125k cars/day. The Central

Central Artery in 1959

Artery/Tunnel project can handle close to 200k.. in 2003 when it opened. It now nearly is at capacity.

It also was riddled with issues such as the panel collapse, some flooding issues, substantial concrete, cost overruns, and it took forever.

Yet this tweet has attracted lots of people from other cities with ugly expressways to cover them. Its like all the issues we had with the big dig just magically went away 20 years later. (The first section opened in 2002). Too funny. 

But it served its purpose, and downtown is so much better without the ugly elevated expressway.

But YEAH… this really took off, here’s the analytics. amazing.. (sorry for a small time tweeter this is exciting!). Nearly a 1/2 million impressions (times people saw tweet), 101k media clicks (means people actually clicked on each picture. Almost 4k profile clicks!!

Its just nice to be recognized I guess. :p

But here’s some examples of the tweets. It was fun waking up this morning (Monday), nearly 22 hours from when I first tweeted this, and to see all the responses from across the world. Who knew some park that replaced an expressway would generate (and continue to as I write) such interest.









I got alot of replies from people in both in LA and San Francisco

And as far away as Indonesia:

and Manila. (kinda surprised they don’t already..)

And so many more.

And of course the people who thought this was SimCity…

And so many more.. its now at 4.8K likes as I finish up. I see this getting to at least 7K before it winds down. Who knows 🙂 stay tuned.