Yes I was a twink at one point

I’ve run out of space on my computer… out of the terabytes of storage I have. And I’ve been going thru and purging files. I’m trying to create archives so I can store this stuff and get it off my computer.

09-08-2001 from FireSpout

But In my travels, I’ve come across some real gems like the one above. However, I’m so damn happy I found this one:

Madonna Blonde

Yeah I did this.. twice. Once in 1996 and once in December of 1999 (above).. I’ll never do that again. Straw is what my hair felt like for months after, and more months to grow out. ugh. But it was a look.

I also found tons of old memes. I might upload them to flickr and post an album, but who knows. I have so many other things to work on, so we’ll see. But here’s one of my favs: