Gays get your sh*t together

This is a circuit party last night (10/9/2020) at Atlanta’s Pride.

No Masks. No distancing. Just hot sweating white muscle boi’s all dancing together.

Meaning while gay bars are closing because they can’t be open, yet we do this instead. Don’t cry when your favorite bar is now closed because we were in the pandemic too long.

Just burns me up. Yet I got schooled on Twitter because I compared attitudes of Covid19 to AIDS in the 1980s. But its true, here’s some classic lines from the 1980s that are valid again today.

“I’m young and I work out daily, I won’t get it”
“I know where my friends have been, it’s OK for me to hang with them without a mask”
“I just got tested yesterday, I know I’m OK”
“If I just hang out with XX YY and ZZZ people, I won’t get it. They tell me where they’ve been”

Sound familiar? Yeah me too. Sad state of affairs.