Time Suck

Oy.. lately everything has been a time suck.

Had to get something ready to mail to someone for his birthday and it took hours. Then I decided I was going to make a post. Which turned into a rabbit hole.

Was going to make a post, but first I wanted to change the banner image to reflect the new site name. OK, fine. I have the template saved.

I picked a new image, and to make a very looong story short, the orange in the logo is too much for this picture, so I need to add an outline. Well 2 hours later in gimp, no luck. I ended up just picking a new image and keeping the font face the same for now.

But… I found a plugin that will allow me to use a Google Font substitute for the font face I use in my logo. But to get at that font, like everything in WordPress, it’s PAYME for the feature. I might do it, so I can customize the other fonts on here. 

And while I was looking at that, I found a few optimizers that will make the site load better and faster. (it should be noticeably faster)

Anyways.. once again, I am up late making tweaks to this thing and not wring posts. ugh. I’ll make some time tomorrow for some posts, I have several in my head floating around. And yes, some will be personal and private, so if you aren’t registered for an account yet, please do so!

zzzzz off ta bed. More tomorrow.