Site Updates/Improvements

(Click here for a summary/TL;DR version)

UPDATE: I am requiring logins to comment on public posts and see any private posts, see below for more info

(or just register for an account..)

My first site update post! Hooray

Yes I know! cute..  😉  but the ability to add GIFs and embed other things into this site was one of the things I did.

Along with (obviously) the complete change in the way the site looks, yet the content is all the same. This site runs on WordPress so if I don’t like the look of the site, I can easily swap it out for thousands of different themes. 

About WordPress

For those who don’t know what WordPress, its a content management system. Sound complicated? not really in fact it makes the site easier to manage and update. You don’t need to know how to make web pages (okay for the most part), and its just makes it far easier to do. 

Plus WordPress has all sorts of things you can do with it, it’s very modular. Many popular websites that you may use are run on top of WordPress (or some modified version of it). I can browse the “theme gallery” and I see many themes that look similar to many websites out there. Most just run WordPress.

New Theme

So yes, I changed the theme. I found the old one too hard to read. This theme I used on my test site and after using it over there a bit, I couldn’t stand coming back to the previous one (known as “ns-minimal”).. it just hurt too much look at. It seemed off putting. This theme is very straight forward.

However I saw the author has a newer one.. Hmmmmm.

New Plug Ins

Embed-ability – I installed a few plugins so I can embed things like Giphy images and such 😉

Jet Pack Tools – Spam protection (comments), social media sharing, and other things

Photo Gallery – Just a better gallery for photos than this one. But for galleries more than a few photos I will just use my Flickr account. 

And more stuff like user tools, better page security, and what not. 

And the biggest news…

I’ve changed up the way I thought about commenting & posting here.

One of the main reasons why I changed the theme was that in the old theme, the comment link in any of the pages was small and surrounded by similar looking links. Plus the social widget just didn’t look right (the section where you can like/share a post to social media).

I want people to comment, so I made it more pronounced how to.

However.. I removed the ability to comment if you are logged into social media elsewhere (i.e. “comment as <facebook info>” under posts), and force you to create an account to comment.


First off, it just helps reduce spam. If I allow anyone to comment, I just get spammed. 

Secondly is privacy.

I admit I write some of these posts for a general audience.. it could be anyone reading it. Its why they are usually cheer-y and upbeat. And anyone who knows me, this really isn’t me. And I was not like this on Facebook, and didn’t mind airing my opinions without worry. Here..I do mind,  a lot.

This is where Facebook has an advantage, you add only your friends, and unless you’ve set to post publicly, only your friends can see your posts. Here anyone can see.. friends, family, colleagues, and even people I don’t want to read my stuff 🙂

I’ve installed a plug in on here that allows me to have a user base, and have control over what people can and can’t see. If people signed up, I could post and set it so only people who are signed in can see the post. I can even do groups of users (i.e. posts for family, etc). Its very granular on what I can do.

So to encourage people to sign up for an account, I’ve disabled commenting if you’re logged in elsewhere. And you have to be logged in to comment at all.

I’m sure I am shooting myself in the foot but you never know… It sure would be nice to be able to shitpost more LOL

Anyways, click “Register” at the top, it’ll take 30 seconds. I approve each account manually so you will be notified when you can login. I promise I won’t sell your name or spam you. I just want to be able to do restrictive posts.