Daily Ramblings – 09-17-2020

Not much to report here except..

I did manage to update the theme, and a few other enhancements which you can read more about in the next post.

Spent a good portion of the day on my sofa cuz my vertigo came back. ugh.. have been dizzy most of the day. 

If i haven’t, I’ve been watching these tweets below and see how many views it has gotten. (not likes.. views/plays). Its nice to see this one is pushing 10K views 🙂 Ya I know Im weird but I gotta get my thrill somehow.

Yes, I made these short clips! and the second one I even made everything about it (video and graphics)

This tweet: (my first one)

(Link to full version on Youtube)

It was in reply to this tweet from Rex Chapman (some ex-basketball player, turn social media ‘influencer).

 And this one, the reply of my remix (later when I finally uploaded it)