Daily Ramblings – 09-16-2020

Rawr,  I said I wasn’t going to be lax on updating daily. But every day I would remember, then get distracted doing something else

Tonight it was preparing the previous post.
Last night I was like “i’ll do a video post”
Monday, I had a case of the mondays and just wanted to post videos to twitter all night.
Sunday, I remembered but I was like “I posted a ton all week, let me have  break”

And then combined with that for days 3 people viewed my last video (according to YT) so I was like, welp I guess there’s no rush.

Of course it backfired, more views there and more views here. LOL ah well. I will do a video update tomorrow. :-). I switched up a few things and its ready so… I’ll also tell you whats been keeping me busy and what else is going on.

But Im very active on twitter…. As much as I hate social media, they do make it far easier to post randomness more frequently. Some day Ill do a post about my musings on social media (beyond facebook garbage).

Anyways thats all for now.. more later