New Keyboard



So I did end up going to MicroCenter today and getting a mechanical keyboard!

And as predicted, I went in for one thing and came out with more than just one thing. Luckily it was just a three pack of canned air. (I was out). But some stuff did look temping. 

Of course their mechanical keyboards pickings were slim so I was kinda forced to chose between two models. Actually MicroCenter was out of alot of stuff, but last weekend was the “big move in” here for colleges, so they were picked clean of alot of stuff.

But this keyboard is way better than my old one, the keys feel like real keys, and not plastic-y bubbles. I learned to type on a mechanical keyboard so I tend to press hard, and these new Chiclets style keyboards just suck for anyone who really types for speed and accuracy. I can already tell this is helping some, although its making me realize how lazy my typing has gotten on new keyboards, On mechanical ones, you really need to pick up your fingers so you don’t drag them across the keys. It’ll certainly help me brush up on my keyboarding skills..

But this came at a premium price. 70 bucks. ugh. but most decent keyboards that aren’t my cheap-ass Microsoft Basic ones I buy cuz I refuse.. until now… to get a new keyboard. I don’t have much luck with them (I have a lovely Microsoft one at work I don’t use because wireless sucks).. so we will see.

What gets me is that back in the 90s, before PC manufacturers got cheap, you got a keyboard with every single computer you ordered. Well at corporations, you’d have stacks and stacks of keyboards. Often when you did upgrades, the users usually wanted to keep their keyboard. So I’d have stacks of Dell QuietKey keyboards (these were my favs). At once job we threw out hundreds of them, we just had no place to store them.  Ugh sure the Dell QK keyboards weren’t top of the line and were plastic, but they are better than some of the cheap membrane Chiclet keyboards that most new PCs come with today.

We’ve just come full circle, I guess.