Waiting for the bus

In Covidland, riding public transit has been an experience. At first it was a hot mess, but the T sensed up and realized they had to start to control crowds. One of the buses I ride is a very busy route (well all of the buses through my town are high ridership regardless), and the crowds in non-covid times are just insane. Lots of pushing N shoving. Its annoying.

But since the T is trying to limit crowding, they’ve been far more flexible with adding buses to avoid crowds. Unfortunately, it causes lines like this:

The line to get on the 111 bus

This is a (fixed**) panoramic photo while I was waiting in line. The line is a U. And the bus that is appears to be loading isn’t there, its to the right of the aqua reflection off the glass. I’d guess there were at least 40 people waiting.. if not more.

But props off to the T, more buses showed up and we were all loaded and taken away. I even got on a 111C with 17 other people at 530p. That’s pretty rare in non-covid times.

My bigger question is this, if we can do this now? why can’t we all line up when it’s not a pandemic? It’s so annoying to have to push your way onto a bus. it just makes boarding so much easier and less stress full (I know many local residents who avoid this bus because it’s like this). It will be interesting if this starts to become the norm after covid19.

** fixed because the one I posted to Twitter, was horrible.