Daily Ramblings

Daily ramblings 9/11

Work- Zzzz. I’ve just been working on documentation lately. And it was pretty quiet most of the afternoon

Market Basket – I went to Market Basket and got more for my dollah

Video Setup – With all the silly video hardware i have kicking around here, including a cell phone, you’d think it would be easy for me to make vlog (video blog) posts, but I’ve just haven’t figured out a way to make it easily enough to make it, without alot of setup. But I’ve put a PC on a cart, with a monitor, camera, and a speakermic. I just need to finish setting up the scenes so it can be quick N easy. Hopefully I’ll finish this up tonight and be able to do it tomorrow.

Weekend – No plans, of course. Since it’s cool N dry, I might try to sand some parts of this table I’ve been wanting to refinish (but took apart already!) so I can try to stain it before it gets too cold.

Keyboard – I’ve just come to the realization that I need to just suck it up and buy a mechanical keyboard, or at least a nice one. I go thru ~3 keyboards a year at home (yeah I am not nice to keyboards), but these are cheap Microsoft ones (like the cheap 18 buck basic ones). I just learned to type on a mechanical keyboard so I need it to be able to deal with the pressure I put on it.  So off to MicroCenter, to try to test a few out. (it’s all about feel). It just burns me up because I had so many Dell QuietKey keyboards years ago, I used to throw them away! arg.

MicroCenter – With that said.. fear me at Microsoft. Its like crack for geeks. Or like going into Target. I am going in for one thing… and you come out with half the store.

What are YOU doing this weekend?