Green Screen: Fini

Well for now.  😀

As I said in a previous post, I put a green screen in my living room. To make a very long story short, I set it up one way (due to cameras needing to be computer) but found a solution so I can put cameras further away and more on center to the living room.

This was after I had half a wall setup (and had the room set that way). But because I am looking for certain shots and angles, once I was able to put the camera head on to the room, I could get the shot. And at that angle, it now included part of my office in view. That won’t work green screen so I had to figure out a way to hang a curtain over the opening.

So today I re-arranged all the curtains and put in real hooks (into my ceiling). I had a few goals in mind when I did this

  1. Make green screen uniform so it’s head on with camera
  2. Remove the green table I used to hide the grommets poles by folding over the top to the back and sewing it on. This will create a slip for the rod allowing the curtain to be flat (vs with folds using the grommets). (this aids in better keying and clean lines at the top of the key)
  3. Fix left corner (move closer to doors)
  4. Fasten everything more securely
  5. However, make it easy to remove/slide so room can be used for other things
  6. Figure out a way to hang a curtain temporarily over the office archway door
  7. Finishing hanging tiles on the ceiling

Needless to say it was a lot of work. And there’s still more to do in the studio besides this).

Here’s some progress pictures…

Somewhat the before, as I take the old setup down
When everything was down (except the tiles on the ceiling)
First set of lower curtains up (side curtains aren’t perm)
After I put the first set up, I tested to makes sure it was going to key OK. And amazingly enough it does, and well.
After the left set of curtains (top and bottom) were put up, I decided to work on the ceiling a bit and hang tiles.
After hanging the left side curtains, I once again ran a test to see if it would still key correctly,. And wow, the picture of Downtown Boston is almost perfectly in line, it looks like I have a window into Boston in my living room.
Finishing up the ceiling (I ran out of tiles)
And the nearly finished product (well as far as green screen and curtain goes)… so much green.
And of course… gotta est. And Wow.

It works out perfectly. That perception with that picture just blows me away. Of course we will see how well this works with other pictures.

All I have to do now is put down my green tablecloths I use to cover the floor and I will be in downtown crossing!

Oy.. but I am so tired and sore. So much up and down on a ladder.

What’s left

For the Green Screen, not much. Since sewing was pretty easy and I have some extra panels. I might try to cut and sew two together to see if I can get rid of one bar (and just have the top one). It would make it easy to remove/add, and would free up the lower bar for another curtain color. (for non key’d scenes).

I also hope Downy Wrinkle release works because I was suppose to iron them but I ran out of time. So we’ll find out tomorrow if it works or if i Have to iron them (if i have to iron them, I will just sew two together.)

I also need to make camera poles, setup my new lights (and dismantle the hand made one), setup the other cameras, and I should be ready to shoot again 🙂

But so tired.. and so sore. So more to come!