Paranoid Patty

Lately I feel like Paranoid Patty. Yet everyone else is not.

I’m starting to crush mentally because of it. Here I sit at home. Working from home. Limiting my going out. wearing masks when I do from the time I leave my unit until I return.

Then just sitting here. Waiting. Well not sitting.. just keeping busy.

And I’m doing everything I should.. yet…

I see videos like The Ozark party
Or how Brian Sims went on about his state’s GOP lawmakers being infected and not telling Democrats
Or videos like this where people went to the beach and “just don’t care”
Or the line outside the local hair place because its so g-d important to look good right now
Or just walking and see people pull their mask down to smoke, or sip coffee..
Or the 4-5 kids next door all playing basketball
Or our own Karyn Polito having a party

and I’m just here alone.. doing what I should. I’m starting to wonder if I’m wasting my time or if its futile.

I’m not scientist but I try to look to people who would know, and I know that..

in 2 weeks we’ll have a surge again (Thanks memorial day weekend)
in late July/early August we’ll have another one (thanks 4th of july )
and again in mid-September (thanks labor day)

We’re stupid to think people are going to obey and just stay home. The backlash is already starting in some states. Some places you’re the odd one if you have a mask on.

More of this to come as summer heat turns up, tensions get high, people start to run out of money, we get surges again, and have some orange colored poop throw into the mix, and Summer 2020 is shaping up to be one hell of a summer.

Yet I stay home and mind my own business. Not sure why, or what. At the rate we’re going, I’m saving myself for ….. ? Not sure what’s to come is worth saving for.

In short.. watching our society’s slow demise is starting to wear on me.