Link: I’m a Chef in a Seaside Town. I’m Not an Epidemiologist.

Full Article (warning paywall):

Interesting article but most I knew already from talking to local friends. They are petrified of what is to come. And there’s little they can do to stop it. I fear for many of my friends in Ptown now.

The article probably was written mid-May, which is still the shoulder season. Rob goes on to say that a few weekends with warm weather have brought people to the cape. Warm weather weekends i might add that our Governor has said “stay home”..nice to know some people ignore these requests. And if they were busy then.. I fear what this weekend was like. Memorial Day. The kick off to the summer.

It’s usually “baby dyke” weekend. Or supposedly it is. Its usually VERY busy. the baby dykes and all the daytrippers from down the cape. Ugh.

Its going to be horrifying to watch come July when if/when we have another outbreak (we will folks), and they are struggling to stay open. Because the one thing the article does not mention, and is very important to know is..

  • Provincetown is as far away from a hospital as you can get on Cape Cod
  • It is served by a small medical office (and I do mean small) about 10 mins south of town
  • It is about 45 mins in no traffic to a full-service hospital, 20 minutes is spent on US6 in a two lane, no passing zone road
  • In the high season, traffic can make that same trip over 2 hours
  • The closest hospital is Cape Cod Hospital is in Hyannis (Barnstable)
  • Cape Cod Hospital has 259 beds, 24 of them are “special care” beds (ICU)
  • The next closest hospital is Tobey Hospital in Wareham ~30 minutes away from Hyannis, over an hour and a half from Provincetown
  • That hospital has 52 beds, 4 are ‘special care’ beds
  • Then the closets hospitals are in Norwell at South Shore Medical Center, and Southcoast Hospital(s) in New Bedford
  • Both are over 2+ hours away from Provincetown, 4+ with high seasons traffic.

I’ve just learned and always told people. Ptown is not the place to get sick at. You’re too far away to get urgent care when you need it.

I can see why the locals are nervous. And there’s nothing they can do to stop the influx of people.