The Target Pool

I’ve been on a mission to find an Intex 10′ x 30=33″ round blow up pool. I love the beach, and live within a 15 in bus ride to a beach.. not the best beach, but water on the ocean.

Since we’re living in CovidLand these days, I fear going to the beach to tan and relax will not be a thing this year. And I go to the beach to people watch and tan, not really to go into the water (the ocean is too cold until late August). I only go in every hour or so to cool off and wash off the sunscreen from tanning. So the water isn’t terribly important.

So I was thinking… when I was like 11.. I saved my money and bought a kiddie pool. It wasn’t very deep or big, but enough on a hot summer’s day to cool off. So why not get one now? Unlike the ones from years past, these are also made for adult use, and really are just small above ground pools that can be taken down every year.

Well… I wasn’t alone in this thinking. CNN wrote an article about it in early may, and since then… the Intex Pools have been flying off the shelves. Online is completely sold out, except for these websites that look sketchy. In the store is hit or miss and I didn’t want to chance it.

I got served an ad by somewhere for a SunSquad 10’x22″ Rectangular Pool for 34 bucks. Well I clicked thru, and never finalized the cart as I needed a few more things. When I went back an hour later to finalize the cart, Target said the pool was sold out. But yet when I clicked on it again, it said it was in stock. So I added it again, and quickly finalized the cart. I was expecting an email later telling me the order was cancelled because the item was in stock, but instead I got a ship notification. It should be here Wednesday.. just in time for the hot weather coming up!

Of course the next day….. I went with my neighbor to Ocean State Job Lot to get some stuff for our new garden (more about this in another post), and as we were walking around the outdoor section, the stockguy brings out a pallet of those pools (but the 30″ model vs 33″). And was 109 dollars. I was tempted.. so tempted. But I have the Target one coming, and its big enough. Plus the round one does require chemicals and running a pump. Like everything I do, I fear my attention span will wane one day and it will be a waste of money. I also have spent a ton of money lately….

So the target pool it is. If I find I use it, I will buy an Intex one in like March when no one wants them for next year.

Target Pool