Really Target?

Thanks Target for the free box and packing material.

One of the things I bought on besides the pool (in previous post) was a rubber keyboard wrist rest. I really am not a fan of the gel kind, it feels to.. dildo like. (squishy)

I’m a huge fan of the late 90s/early 2000s thick rubber ones. Usually they are 18″x2.5″x.75 . Nice N thick and Firm.  (wait we’re still talking about keyboard rests here, right?).

Well its not 2001 anymore, and I can’t seem to find them readily, and yes, even at OfficeMax or Staples. Either I am not searching for the right thing or they just do not carry them. Regardless, weirdly has had them for years, so every year or so I buy a new one (they get gross). However… *eye roll*.. like a lot of small stuff on you can’t order it unless you have a 35 dollar order. (yeah really, no option to just pay thru the nose to ship), so I have to wait until I have something else to get. In comes the pool, so I add a new rest to my cart.

Yesterday I get a package from Target via UPS. It’s a huge box and weights like nothing. I’m like uh.. did target mail me a box of nothing? So I open it, and find this:

Really target?

I mean really Target? I get you probably do the same thing Amazon does with logistics. Its more about packing trucks properly to be efficient than to effectively wrap the product  to save on materials. I guess all these air pillows and big box cost less than the money they would have using a smaller box. But seriously, even still with everyone being at home and online shopping and delivery being a two fold. AND it being a big retailer like Target, you’d think their trucks would be jammed. I guess not.

Ironically I’ve been shipping laptops to users for work, and I’ve saved and reuse most of the packing materials from personal stuff I’ve ordered (my new blinds were a gold mine for bubble wrap). Well I used my last Air Pillow and bubble wrap, so I had work order me some more supplies. They just arrived Wednesday. Now it seems like I won’t have to open the new stuff now.

But at 7.99 for a big box and some bubble wrap and a free wrist rest vs over 100 in bubble wrap and boxes (you use alot of bubble wrap sending laptops!) seems like a great deal. Maybe I will have work just order wrist rests from Target for the free packing materials !