it’s open!!!!

My life is better now. The McDonald’s in square is now open. No more expensive UberEats trips.

Backstory: This closed about 2 months ago, about 2 weeks after the shutdown. I attributed it to McD making most walk in only stores close due to the risk. Plus my town being a hot spot.. it just made sense. I was more concerned about my “McDonald’s Girls” who I see when I go there. I know it’s somewhat sad, but like any store in the square, after 10 years, I’m not a person/face to forget. (I tend to stand out here in town).

But once this place closed, and John’s Pizza (which opened a week ago also), I lost my most frequented places to eat. I really do not do delivery, unless its something I cannot get within walking distance of my place. I’ve done a UberEATS a few times,. and did more delivery when I had roommates. But its just too pricey for something I can walk and get. I’m just too cheap for it.

In comes COVID19, and now i’m forced too. I was walking to BK for a time, and taking a bus to another McD, but over time, I got tired of walking or having cold fries (by the time i got home, since you can’t eat inside any more), I just sucked it up and had it delivered. I could write a whole post about it, but since I am in a happy place, I won’t.

So I am happy to see this (and john’s) reopen. Walk-able food. Yay.