Why I dislike Amazon, Reason #3089458

I have lots of reasons why I hate Amazon, and more will be posted here but here’s one.

One of the biggest is the vast array of products from all different manufacturers. And lets face it, we all know Amazon sells *many* goods made overseas. And you can be on there, looking for something, and see page after page of all similar products. And similar I mean IDENTICAL, except the name and the price point. So what gives?

Today is no exception. I was looking for a desktop tripod. And I came across an retention arm camera stand, and I was like “wow,  what a great idea”. So it being amazon, I start to specifically look for this type of ‘webcam’ stand. I found all different types and sizes, but the arms were basically the same parts. (I even have a lamp I just bought that is on the same type of arm). All around 24-40 bucks.  But I settled on this “webcam” one for 30:

27″ “WebCam” Suspension Boom Stand for $29.99

So I was curious, what if I just change my search some. Maybe I can find something cheaper. Well a few searches later, led me to the audio section where there were similar microphone stands on extension arms. But a bit cheaper (10-25) range.

I looked closely at microphone stands and ‘web cam’ stands. Same extension arm. Same length. Same clamp you’d attach it to a desk. The only real difference between any of them (mic or webcam stands) was what was on the end where the device attached. And even the pole coming from the arm was the same, and appears to the same threading. Regardless, it wouldn’t be too hard to head over to a hardware store and find something that will work.

Well I finally search and fond this one for $11.99:

11.99?? for a mic stand that is the same thing?!?
And yes, it’s 27″ (per pics)

Its a basic mic stand. I don’t really even want the mic mount, but it comes off. And for 11.99 vs 29.99. I’m OK with that. Providing the arm is metal I can fix the rest (even the clamp I can buy elsewhere).

I guess it pays to be handy and have a keen eye ball. But to be honest, its shady a bit. Its the same damn thing, except the plastic. on the end. Many people would not understand that 98% of the stand is identical to another, and just pay more because something stuffed a different plastic piece into a box instead of this one.

However we’ll see what I end up actually getting. Only time will tell.