How do I label this?

I needed a label to cut up for something I was working on. I have a whole drawer full of different Avery Labels.. you know, the neat pre-boxed label you buy at office supply stores that come in the right shape and size for whatever you are working on that cost a semi fortune half the time.

So I tend to save them, and I’ve help liquidate companies in the past , and often many office supplies get tossed. I’m all about saving a few bucks so often I’ll go in and take the good stuff, like Avery labels. Even if I don’t have a need for that label type, they still cut up with scissors and can be used for other things. (diskette labels work well for freezer labels on wrapped frozen food!)

Anyways, several of these boxes, I know I have had since at least 2001, which was when I contracted to help close out a company by preparing the computers for auction and/or leasing company. I was told all the office supplies would be thrown out, so I helped myself. I grabbed these labels and many other office supplies that I still use today (hey hanging folders never ‘go bad’).

Well in the nearly 20 years or so, I never noticed that each box has a manufacture date imprinted somewhere on the box. Today that changed and I saw this one some file folder labels:

Ugh I was a senior when these were made.

Yeah 11/9/94 as in November 9, 1994.

I was a senior in HS.. just barely. I KNOW I did not have these in 1994. Someone at that company in 2001 must have had them. Damn, these are old, so old the company tag line says “Avery Dennison”, They haven’t branded themselves as “Avery Dennison” in well over a decade if not more.

So I looked on the rest of the boxes I had, and most are from the late 1990s. Which is not surprising at all. Still 20 some odd years. Have a look, you might need to click on the photo to be able to zoom in to see each imprint.

Click on pic for full size to zoom in to see the 90s realness

I’m not sure to laugh, be angry, or sad that I’ve had labels for so long. It’s just hard to put a label on it. I wonder if Avery has a label for that…