Donuts! Donuts! Donuts!

In Keeping with the Covid “19” them from yesterday… today I decided to finally try out the donut recipe from the cookbook my mom used to use.

The book is “The Country Fair Cookbook: Every Recipe is a Blue Ribbon Winner” Edited by Elise W Manning, Farm Journal Food Editor . (Amazon purchase link). Its one of those many mass produced “book club” magazine cookbooks that were everywhere at that time. But damn it has some good (fattening) recipes in it.

But the cookbook is special to me because ..

A) My mom had a copy
B) Which I used to make white bread, zucchini bread, and banana bread in
C) Which my zucchini won a blue ribbon at the Cornish Fair one year (in the 4-H exhibition hall)

Its just my “goto” for baked goods.

Well anyways, Today I made donuts. I actually have not made donuts from this book. Donuts are.. work. But I decided to do some cake ones today. I would have done yeast ones (which are better), but time got away from me, and yeast donuts are more work. More effort than I wanted to give today.

Here’s how they came out..

Cutting the donuts
Frying them in my FryDaddy
Drying them on paper towels
The complete batch and some sugar donut holes on the right
The final product with different toppings.


As you can see they came out pretty good for this style. These seem a bit more like beignets in size and how they fluffed out. I also think I cooked them a little too long. Recipe says “till golden brown” which can mean a few things. Ah well, next time. It was fun tho.

Of course now I have all these donuts to eat.. sadly, if I know myself, I will eat a few, and toss the rest as they will go stale before i can eat them. Such a waste. I’d normally take’em to work but I can’t… I can’t even give them away. Ah well.

But next up.. raised donuts. In a few weeks. haha.

One thought on “Donuts! Donuts! Donuts!

  1. Michael Maggard says:

    They do look dark, but fantastic nonetheless. And personally I find most American baked goods to be unpleasantly large (who really wants a croissant the size of a bread loaf?! Two bites, three maximum!) so smaller is indeed better. Of course you can double-bag then freeze the extra, leaving them to linger, reproachfully, in the freezer.

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