The COVID “19”

No, I am not talking about the virus itself. The COVID “19”.. as in the 19lbs I’ve gained (or nearly gained) during this.

I weighed myself right before I went on vacation which was about a week before everyone was told to stay home and I was 192. Still up from my lowest last July, but still.

Well I weighed myself last week.. ummph… 203. Mooooo.

Not thrilled but expected. In regular times, I walk a ton. Mostly at work all day long, plus I don’t own a car and ride the T everywhere so there’s alot of walking involved every day. On average i was walking around 20 miles a day. Now < 2 miles.

I’m not stuffing myself with cakes and cookies every day, but I am not eating salads every day either. So I expected some weight gain. Its just amazing how much your normal activity effects your caloric usage during the day and when you stop, how quickly it gains.

Also me: Need to start to figure out some form of daily exercise at home. If I do not, I fear if this goes on much longer, I will rapidly hit 250 (again). But just being here and eating normally. blah.