Grocery Shopping

When did grocery shopping become a chore?

I mean I know.. COVID19 and everything but.. everything seems to be a chore. I used to love going to Market Basket every week. It was the highlight of my week (I know, sad). Now I cringe when I go in there.

  1. Gotta mask up to go
  2. Gotta wait in line to get in
  3. Gotta wipe down everything
  4. Gotta stand in line to check out
  5. No reusable bags, plastic/paper only
  6. Half the time they are out of something you need

And my biggest thing. Nothing worse right now than standing in the middle of the supermarket, everyone all masked up and gloves on around you, and the music playing Dire Straits “So Far Away” in the background. It just gives such a weird feeling.

Sadly I don’t think this is going to change anytime soon.