Jordan Marsh Blueberry Muffins

I admit, I was a very small child when I had a Jordan Marsh Blueberry Muffin, so I can’t really remember what they are like, but I’ve been on a quest for the right recipe for years. Everyone seems to have such fond memories of them so they have to be good.

I’ve tried a few, most notably one that I saw on a WCVB news segment eons ago. And since I love King Arthur flour since they are a local company to the area I am from in New Hampshire, I’ve tried their recipe also.

But a lady friend on Twitter, who’s just in the know, would know the true recipe. So I don’t know how close they are or whatever..

But to be fair, I used to work at a greasy spoon that was well known for their large blueberry muffins. I never knew how Sandy did it, but they were good. So I tend to compare everyone to her’s. And of course I am a stickler about blueberries as we could pick quarts and quarts of them for free behind our home as a kid. So they gotta be fresh N sweet.

Anyways, tonight I decided to make them. I think they came out pretty good. Not to sweet, not too cake like. (the batter was pretty dense for blueberry muffins. That and I am used so used to that bitch Betty Crocker. But they will be good, regardless when I butter N grill them like Sandy used to. Mmmm

Here’s some pics that I took, and the recipe :

Fresh cooling muffins
Yumm hot N fresh with buttah